The Training Program

The Film Prize training program offers tailer-made workshops to prepare the Nominees for the pitch to the jury. Representative members of the nominated teams will be invited to the Project Lab in Cairo/Dahshur, Egypt (October) and the Pitch Forum in Berlin, Germany (January). 

Project Lab Dahshur 2017 – producers meeting

Project Lab

Push your project further with mentors

Work with your team partners

Share your vision with other Nominees

Learn more about international co-production and legal aspects

Discuss distribution and target groups

Exchange funding opportunities

Elaborate your budget and your financial plan

A seven-day training program divided into two parts and held in Cairo and Dahshur, Egypt, in late October. 

The first part is dedicated to the project development. 

You will be

  • working either with your mentor or together as a team
  • sharing your vision with the group
  • learning about other projects
  • giving and getting feedback.

The second part tackles international co-production matters.

You will be

  • working with various international experts
  • discussing co-production matters
  • learning more about legal aspects
  • getting insights into festival strategies and distribution
  • discovering potential funding opportunities.

The Arab director, the scriptwriter and both the German and the Arab producers are invited to the Project Lab.

All expenses for flight, accommodation and catering will be covered by the Robert Bosch Stiftung.

Pitch Forum 2018 – body training with Sibylle Kurz

Pitch Forum

Train your pitch with your pitching trainer in front of the group

Give and get feedback to and from the other Nominees

Develop your pitch as a team

Work out the comments you received

Rehearse your pitch with your pitching trainer

Pitch your project to the international Film Prize Jury

A three-day program build in two steps and held at the Representative Office of the Robert Bosch Stiftung in Berlin in mid-January. 

The Forum:

  • Body and Voice Training to practice pitching with a comfortable body language and a reassured voice. 
  • Pitching Training in groups to receive and discuss feedback from both the group and the pitching trainer. 
  • At the Pitch Rehearsal, the team will get the finishing touches from its pitching trainer.

The Pitch:

  • Meet the jury members during a Warm Up Reception the evening before.
  • Receive the Nomination Certificate.
  • Pitch the project to the international Film Prize Jury.
  • Convince the jury to support the project and the team. 

The Arab director and both the German and the Arab producers are invited to the Pitch Forum.

All expenses for flight, accommodation and catering will be covered by the Robert Bosch Stiftung.