And the winners of the Best Pitch Award of the 2021 Film Prize are ...

The international Film Prize Jury announced the two winners receiving the Best Pitch Award of the 2021 Film Prize, each endowed with 10,000 euros, at the Good Bye, Film Prize! online event held during Berlinale Talents on March 3, 2021.

It was an emotional moment celebrated on the big screen. We wish all the teams good luck in the  further development and funding of their projects. 

Good Bye, Film Prize!


And the winners are ...


The Missing Planet

Documentary, Germany/Egypt, 90 min
Directors: Marouan Omara & Tom Rosenberg
Producers: Michael Henrichs & Mark Lotfy


The Missing Planet is a creative documentary, set in the future on a distant planet. As the planet’s inhabitants experience a wave of memory loss, the film reconstructs the people, places, and events that have disappeared. The Missing Planet is a journey through the surreal landscapes and fragmented memories of another world that mirrors
our own.

Jury Statement

A clever and thoughtful pitch for a project of great artistic versatility, unusual in every respect. A courageous film, each of the participants has personal experience with the subject of the film.


Nobody Wants the Night

Short Fiction, Germany/Lebanon, 15 min
Director: Remi Itani
Producers: Janina Sara Hennemann, Aya Nabulsi

In contemporary Beirut, pregnant LAYAL (20), accompanied by her best friend, flee a clandestine abortion clinic and are left with few options to consider.

Jury Statement
A basic right every woman relates to. It does not only possess her body and soul or shapes her memory, but is constantly associated with fear, shame and denial. The team is in full control of its tools to create the tension needed. The director has a strong cinematic language and hold
a visceral relationship to her subject.