The 2021 Film Prize Nominees

Eight German-Arab film teams from Egypt, Germany, Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon have been nominated with four documentaries, one short animation and three short fiction films for the
2021 Film Prize Edition.

The selection showcased extraordinary emerging talents and tenacious female voices with powerful projects that reflect on a wide range of social and political topics in Arab societies, offering a fresher perspective through very personal stories.

Each nominated team received a Development Prize of 10,000 euros and were invited to a series of online trainings to further develop their projects, their dossiers and prepare their pitch in front of the Film Prize Jury.

Finally, two teams won the additional  Best Pitch Award of the 2021 Film Prize, endowed with further 10,000 euros.

2021 Film Prize Nominees 1440x 702

Feature Documentary Projects

Dance With Me

Director & Script: Leila Basma
German Producer: Marisa Meier
Arab Producer: Christian Eid

Dancing on the Edge of a Volcano

Director & Script: Cyril Aris
German Producer: Katharina Weser
Arab Producer: Cyril Aris

The Missing Planet

Directors & Script: Marouan Omara, Tom Rosenberg
German Producer: Michael Henrichs
Arab Producer: Mark Lotfy

Women of My Life

Director: Zahraa Ghandhour
Script: Zahraa Ghandhour, Yasser Kareem
German Producer: Julia Wagner
Arab Producer: Zahraa Ghandhour

Short Film Projects

How the Sea Became Salty

Director: Maysoon El-Massry
Script: Ahmed Magdy
German Producer: Willy Rollé
Arab Producer: Muhammad Taymour
SHORT FICTION, Germany-Egypt

The First Sin

Director: Menna Ekram
Script: Yomna Khattab
German Producer: Linda Dedkova
Arab Producer: Yomna Khattab
SHORT FICTION, Germany-Egypt

Nobody Wants the Night

Director & Script: Remi Itani
German Producer: Janina Sara Hennemann
Arab Producer: Aya Nabulsi
SHORT FICTION, Germany-Lebanon


Director & Script: Tariq Rimawi
German Producer: Moritz Mayerhofer
Arab Producer: Aminah Abdat