How to Apply

Once the German-Arab team is formed, the team is asked to submit a comprehensive project dossier.

What you need to know


The submitted dossier should contain:

  • a completed application form of the online application portal 
  • a table of contents
  • a  factsheet with title, logline, length, format, language, team in brief, total amount
  • producer's note and motivation
  • logline and synopsis
  • a detailed project outline (treatment and/or script, visual approach, scetches from the storyboard/moodboard for animation) 
  • director's note and motivation 
  • co-producer's note and motivation
  • teamroster and an account of how the team met
  • biographies and filmographies (main team)
  • a comprehensive budget plan, detailing project costs and financing 
  • a completed, recent film by the team’s director (as reference and preferable in the category of the submitted project), an online link should be included in the application form, if available.


The mixed German-Arab film team should feature a

  • director
  • producer
  • co-producer
  • screenwriter 

Further fields like director of photography, editor, sound designer etc. should complement the team in a balance of both partnering countries.

The filmmakers should

  • have completed at least one short film
  • be in the beginning of their cinematographic career
  • or be finishing soon their studies at film and media academies
  • be able to communicate and defend their ideas in English

Arab filmmakers must reside in one of the member countries of the Arab League.

Applicants must be able to communicate and defend their idea in English. The application must be submitted in English. 

Call for submission to the Film Prize: May 2019

Submission deadline for the Film Prize: late July 2019

For any assistance, please contact

Karin Schyle
Film Prize Curator and Coordinator
Schyle Filmwork UG
Semmelweisstr. 16
14482 Potsdam
Tel+49176 60010787
e-mail to Karin Schyle