The 2020 Film Prize Year

The 2020 Film Prize year started with the Project Market Amman in 2019, a platform for exchange and networking in order to find the right team partner for a joint application for the Film Prize. Once the German-Arab film teams were successfully nominated, they were invited to participate in the Film Prize training program before they pitched their project to the international Film Prize Jury. The three Film Prize Winners were announced during the award ceremony held during Berlinale Talents in February 2020. 

After a day full of one-to-one meetings at the Project Market.

Project Market Amman

To facilitate the team-finding process, young and talented Arab directors are invited to meet with emerging German producers at the Project Market Amman, held in cooperation with the Royal Film Commission – Jordan from 13 to 18 June 2019. 

During five days, a diverse program offers the filmmakers the chance to get to know each other, introduce their work, tackle co-production matters, discuss thoroughly the director’s project and exchange knowledge and experiences. Further joint networking events reinforced potential partnerships. 

The Project Market Amman is a useful networking platform for the intercultural exchange, not only between the Arab directors and the German producers but also within the groups. It is the best opportunity to find the right team partner to apply for the next Film Prize edition.

The Selection Committee and the Film Prize team congratulate. 

Nomination Meeting

On 26 August 2019 the selection committee with Christine Kopf, Fabian Driehorst, Florian Weghorn, Hania Mroué, and Mohamed Siam met at the Robert Bosch Stiftung to nominate ten German-Arab teams with their film ideas. Three documentaries, three animation and four short fiction projects with teams from Algeria, Egypt, Germany, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine and Syria are in the race. The Nominees are now invited to participate in the Film Prize training program before presenting their project to the international Film Prize Jury. The three Film Prizes will be awarded at the award ceremony held during Berlinale Talents in February 2020. 

Group Work Project Lab 2019

Project Lab Cairo and Dahshur

From 23 to 30 October, 2019 the Project Lab took place in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut Cairo and Misr International Films in Cairo and Dahshur. The first day was devoted to getting to know each other and giving feedback on the nominated projects. Then the teams worked in intensive individual consultations with mentors during two days. In the evenings there was time to discover Cairo downtown. The second part in the Dahshur Residence outside Cairo dealt with issues of international co-production in group or team sessions with several experts from the film industry.The obligatory visit to the Dahshur Pyriamds was not missed out.

2020 Pitch Forum, Body & Voice session with Matthias Messmer

Pitch Forum

The Nominees were invited to the Pitch Forum held at the Robert Bosch Stiftung in Berlin from January 21 to 25, 2020. During the first days they received an intense training and feedback to practice and improve their pitching skills. Starting with the Body and Voice Training, the Nominees got to practice pitching with a comfortable body language and a reassured voice. In the Pitching Training, they performed their pitch in front of their group, receiving and discussing feedback from both the group and the pitching trainer. Then they worked on their pitch putting the comments into practice. Finally, they got the finishing touches from their pitching trainer and the Film Prize team at the Pitch Rehearsal.  

Inbetween Pitch and Award

After two intense training days at the Pitch Forum held at the Robert Bosch Stiftung in Berlin in late January, the Nominees considered the comments and advices of our pitching trainers Matthias Messmer, Raed Andoni, Selina Ukwuoma and Stefano Tealdi. They all gave a fantastic performance at the Jury Pitch. This was no easy task for our jury. In a lively and reflective discussion, the pros and cons were weighed up, before the lucky three Film Prize Winners were determined. They will be announced at our Film Prize Award Ceremony held during Berlinale Talents on 23rd February 2020. An exciting waiting time for the Nominees.

The Award Ceremony

The Film Prize Jury announced the three 2020 Film Prize Winners at the award ceremony held during Berlinale Talents on February 23, 2020.
Two Egyptian projects, the documentary BIG BOYS DON'T CRY and TRAITORS FROM THE EYES, a hybrid animated short film and the German-Syrian short fiction film INANA were each awarded with the 60,000 Euros Film Prize and can start production right away.