The 2020 Film Prize Nominees

The 2020 Film Prize Nominees have been selected by an international committee in late August 2019. The nominated teams are now invited to participate in tailor-made workshops to further develop their projects and get prepared for the pitch to the Film Prize Jury in January 2020. The lucky winners will be announced by the international Film Prize Jury at the award ceremony held during Berlinale Talents in February 2020.

The Selection Committee with Christine Kopf, Fabian Driehorst, Florian Weghorn, Hania Mroué, Mohamed Siam and the Film Prize Team Frank Albers, Karin Schyle and Rabih El-Khoury congratulate the 2020 Film Prize Nominees.

The Documentary Projects

Big Boys Don't Cry

Director & Script: Muhammad Mustapha 
German Producer: Philipp Maurice Raube
Arab Producer: Hala Lotfy

House of Shadows

Director & Script: Amine Hattou
German Producer: Thomas Kaske
Arab Producer: Amine Hattou

Letter to His Father

Director & Script: Ali El-Darsa
German Producer: Vincent Förster
Arab Producer: Ali El-Darsa

Short Fiction Projects

Duck and Cover

Director & Script: Rakan Mayasi 
Script: Simon Tummelt
German Producer: Katharina Weser and Jonas Sticherling
Arab Producer: Koussay Hamzeh


Director & Script: Ragda Alizizi 
German Producer: Philipp Döring
Arab Producer: Ragda Alizizi


Director & Script: Dima Hamdan 
German Producer: Plamen Bontchev
Arab Producer: Dima Hamdan

The Day I Smoked A Cigarette With My Father

Director: Sameh Alaa
Script: Sameh Alaa, Mohamed Fawzy
German Producer: Mike Beilfuß
Arab Producer: Mohamed Fawzy

Animation Projects


Director & Script: Rand Beiruty 
German Producer: Boris Despodov
Arab Producer: Jude Kawaa

The Day Vladimir Died

Director & Script: Fadi Syriani
German Producer: Roland Fischer
Arab Producer: Jana Wehbe

Traitors of the Eyes

Directors: Abdelrahman & Saad Dnewar
Script: Abdelrahman & Saad Dnewar
German Producer: Georg Neubert
Arab Producer: Saad Dnewar